500 12D 0.05 Loose Fan

500 12D 0.05 Loose Fan

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Do you want to get REAL BLACK, SOFT LASHES, and SAVE TIME?

Our PreMade Fans are 100% handmade from top-quality Korean PBT materials. The fans are semi-matte, extremely soft-looking in deep black color lashes. It is perfect for all lash artists. 

Each box contains approximately 475 - 500 fans.


Grab loose fans and place them onto tiles or a silicone pad.

Grab one fan at a time, dip in adhesive, and place.

Place on the bottom or to the side of the natural lash for optimal retention.

DISCLAIMER: All PreMade Fans are 100% handmade. The fan bases were bound using heat technology to ensure the smallest base possible.