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Particularly interested in the lash extension industry for a long time, I acknowledge the struggles of lash artists’ issues including back pain, lash falling off quickly, and low-quality lashes. Though we all love to improve our skills doing lashes, we all want to improve the time and satisfaction of customers. I started off with a home studio doing lash extensions for my clients. Being a lash artist trying and searching for good quality lashes, I want to help myself and all other lash artists to get the best quality products at a reasonable price. We can all relate to how much easier, faster, and more convenient it makes for us to get ready.

We need TIME SAVER products
because they IMPROVE QUALITY, INCOME, and most importantly OUR HEALTH.

This was how BLOOMLASHESNE was established. Eventually, I decided to launch my own lash brand, which is made from premium quality material. I had pre-made volume lashes developed especially with an affordable price tag. Each fan of the lash is hand-made out of faux mink and each item is super dark, soft, lightweight, and well designed by our skilled technicians. Our mission is to propel the lash industry as one of the most wanted services, and we do this by constantly improving the materials and techniques – to ensure quality lashes that are safe for everyone to maintain. More importantly, all of this is to make our clients feel more beautiful, happy, and extra confident inside and out.

Support us by glamming up, or let us help you grow your lash business! With love.

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